Donor Spotlight, 2022

Jeff Petter¬son

Jeff Petter­son

A Legacy Continues: Endowed Scholarships in Nursing - Support Future Generations of Longhorns

As a first-generation graduate of UT Austin in 1971, Jeff Petter­son realized that other than his family, UT Austin has had the greatest impact on his life and career success. For this reason, Petterson and his siblings, who are also loyal friends of the university, decided to establish a legacy gift. Together, they creat­ed an endowed scholarship to honor their parents Lyle and Jeryle Petterson.

The family continues to support future Longhorns through the Lyle and Jeryle Petterson Endowed Scholar­ship for UT Austin School of Nursing. This scholarship provides support to high-potential Texas students from low-and middle-income families who are enrolled in the School of Nursing.

As one of the leading nursing schools in the nation, Petterson said he was inspired by the work the School was doing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“That work was changing the world in Austin and in Travis County,” he added. “The work at the clinics also changes the world for those communities.”

Petterson’s passion for the School of Nursing hits close to home as he shared that his niece had left another career field in her mid-30s to receive a Bachelor of Sci­ence in Nursing.

“She loves her career and is now a department supervisor,” he said. “She has excelled, and one year was named the hospital ‘Provider of the Year.’”

Petterson said participating in the Texas Challenge scholarship program was a no-brainer for him, as it not only doubles the amount of the scholarship but the num­ber of students able to receive assistance.

“I continue to be inspired by the work being done by the School of Nursing and have continued to add funds — marched by the Texas Challenge — to the scholarship,” he added. “I enjoy helping students pursue their degree and in hearing from them about their progress."